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Collins Lawn and Shrub Care LLC T’s & C’s

Collins Lawn and Shrub Care LLC provide “best-effort” quality Landscape Care Services delivered on a scheduled basis with value-add expertise landscape advice and suggestions. The contents of this website are updated periodically on a “best-efforts” basis to keep it accurate and helpful.

Convenience Fee

Our services are planned for the lowest competitive price possible with the least expenses and the smallest profit margin we can afford. Instead of raising prices to include credit card processing costs, we have the right to apply a Convenience Fee to cover the credit processing expenses for those that use credit and debit cards. Although Collins Lawn and Shrub Care LLC don’t currently apply a Convenience Fee to our services, we reserve the right to deploy it in the future.


All our landscape care services are sold with no service contracts.

  • Annual Multi-Service Bundle: This offering combines two or more services paid up-front for the entire year with a discount. Customers may customize the bundle to their property needs with selected services. Our Annual Multi-Service Bundle must be deployed for 12 months to receive the discount.
  • Scheduled Services: This offering is delivered 4, 6, 8, or 12 times a year as a pay-as-you-go service. Our service guarantee means return visits at no charge to resolve a problem after our treatment. Our Premium Lawn Care service is a new monthly service. We provide 12 treatments a year. You may add customized Shrub and Tree Care Services for a nominal fee included in the monthly fee. You pay either as you go after each visit or annually with a discount.
  • One-time Services: This offering is a single service(s) provided once. This service may not be guaranteed, or no return visits if you are not already using our Scheduled Service.

Our Scheduled Services are delivered according to a planned schedule that may vary within a few business days from the target date or after receiving the service order. This delivery time depends on our busy schedules, suppliers’ deliveries, the weather, etc.

Our Scheduled Landscape Care Services are delivered 4, 6, 8, or 12 times yearly. The decision to choose the deployment frequency is usually due to budget constraints and other requirements. Our service guarantee means return visits at no charge to resolve a problem after our treatment for only service delivered 8 or more times a year. Please note single one-off service(s) or services delivered 4 or 6 times a year have no service guarantee for results or no return visits.

For the best-looking yard and a great-looking landscape, Collins highly recommends that our services be deployed eight times per year for both Lawn Care and eight times per year for Shrub and Tree Care. Changing your service frequency from 8 to 6 or 4 times yearly will change the results. To keep your landscape at its very best will require eight treatments annually, not less care.

The Annual Multi-Service Bundle is automatically renewed for the next year to continue ongoing care without interruption. Customers that wish to discontinue the bundle must notify us before the end of the annual term via email or by submitting a Contact Us form on our website. You will receive an email acknowledgment verifying your termination of service. If you don’t receive an acknowledgment, please call us to ensure the service will be withdrawn. The premature termination of the bundle will allow the customer to receive a refund that will be pro-rated services based on non-discounted service visits for the unfulfilled annual service. Please note our discount for the Annual Multi-Service Bundle is only applied if our service is deployed for 12 months.

Services pricing is based on zip code, property size, frequency of scheduled services, the number and quantity of products used, and the inclusion of other landscape services. For more details regarding our services, read our  Services webpage.

Warranties and Guarantees

Collins Lawn and Shrub Care LLC provide a limited warranty on our services. Our guarantee and warranty is a “best-effort” action to revisit the property and to retreat to the targeted problem area at no charge. We will do everything practical and reasonable to promptly rectify or resolve a problem on a best-effort basis. Warranties and guarantees are for only service delivered 8 or more times a year.

When we visit your property, we will inspect and compare the landscape to our last visit, and if there is a problem, we will seek the root cause and devise a solution to fix it. Collins will proactively work with you to prevent problems and reduce possible damage to your lawn, shrubs, trees, and palms. The essential task to ensure the health of your landscape is constantly monitoring your property for any changes or damages to the grass, shrubs, trees, palms, or plant life.

Since we can’t be present all the time, we rely on our customers to monitor their property and promptly alert us of changes. The faster you can tell us of a problem, the faster we can react. You agree to help us by contacting us of any changes in your landscape as early as possible via phone call or our Report a Problem form.

The biggest problem with landscape health is the lack of consistent watering. As our customer, you agree that your irrigation system and each sprinkler head work correctly and your landscape receives adequate water.

For customers that fail to fulfill their responsibility to water correctly, monitor and promptly alert us. If their landscape becomes damaged or the plant life dies, the poor landscape results will be due to their negligence. In addition, if a customer’s sprinkler system malfunctions or doesn’t adequately deliver the proper amount of water and the grass dies, the poor lawn results will be due to the customer’s negligence. Our warranty and guarantee are void under these conditions where customers fail to alert us promptly of changes to their property or fail to monitor, or are unaware of landscape damages or changes.

Professional Suggestions

We will provide free value-add suggestions as part of our service in the form of advice, tips, expert opinions, recommendations, and information based on our expertise and 30 years of experience. Our value-add suggestions will instruct you of possibilities, different approaches, popular ways of doing things, and opinions. We provide these suggestions to help you decide what is best for your landscape and what you want to do.


All Website content is provided “AS IS” without warranties, without warranties to the content of our services, and without any fitness for a particular purpose, or “AS IS” for all intellectual property. The information and materials on this website are provided for general informational purposes only and are intended only for your personal, non-commercial use. Collins Lawn and Shrub Care LLC make the best effort to ensure the content is as helpful, practical, accurate, and current as possible.

Limitation of Liability

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Since landscape care requires quite a bit of knowledge, the proper equipment, and methods to uniformly distribute precise quantities of product over designated property areas, website visitors using any information or materials described on this website at their own risk, for which Collins Lawn and Shrub Care LLC shall not be held responsible or liable.

Collins Lawn and Shrub Care LLC strongly recommend customers have professional and experienced landscape care specialist(s) perform the services that appear on this website. Suppose customers or website visitors perform do-it-yourself (DIY) services by using information from this website. In that case, they take full responsibility for their actions, results, and any damages, issues, or problems created due to their actions, and Collins Lawn and Shrub Care LLC will be held harmless.

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