Mowing the Lawn

Proper Lawn Mowing is Essential

Mowing too Short can Damage or Kill Grass

Mowing Enhances Lawn Aesthetics and Health

How Important is mowing to Lawn Care?

Lawn mowing is a regular part of Lawn Care, together with fertilization, disease and pest control, and irrigation. Proper periodic mowing is important to help develop a high-quality lawn with tighter turfgrass density to resist weeds.

How often should you mow?

As a rule of thumb, lawns should be mowed weekly for the late spring, summer, and early fall months. Depending on the growth, lawns should be mowed every two to three weeks for the winter season when the grass is dormant. For summer months with drought and water restrictions, mowing should be stopped for a limited time to grow taller grass to encourage deep root growth.

What is the Optimal Grass height you set for mowing?

Typical Florida Grasses such as all St. Augustinegrass varieties, Zoysia, or Bermuda require different mowing height settings to keep your lawn healthy. The lawn should never cut more than 1/3 of the grass height at a time. Please refer to the grass cutting height chart below for optimal mowing height by grass species.

chart for grass cutting height

Grass Cutting Height Chart from UF/IFAS Extension University of Florida

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Mowing Practices

The following mowing practices can enhance lawn growth and improve grass health.

  • Don’t mow wet grass
  • Sharpen the mower blade
  • Mow in a different direction every time the lawn is cut
  • Do not remove clippings.
  • Adjust cutting height by setting the mower for the type of grass
  • Don’t spill gasoline on the lawn while filling the mower
  • Wash the mower before use to reduce diseases transmission, carry insects and weed seed
  • If clumping occurs, distribute these by re-mowing or by lightly raking

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push power mower to cut grass

The cutting grass height should be measured from the blade to the surface on a driveway or sidewalk


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