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Just Friendly Service with no sales pressure and free professional Landscape assessment.

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Collins Lawn and Tree Care Service

We take the Hassle out of Landscape Care

We provide Professional Landscape Care Services for Fertilization, Weed, Disease & Pest Control to Pinellas County and the Tampa area for over 20 years.

Lawn Care

Our Lawn Care Services is a comprehensive program to nourish and protect your grass from disease and pests and weeds.


Shrub & Tree Care

Our Shrub & Tree Care Services cover small shrubs to large trees and palms.  Our services provide proper nutrients and protection from disease & pests.


Other Services

Our Other Services complement our Lawn and Shrub & Tree Care Services.  They include Aeration, soil testing, and other landscape services.

Collins has taken care of my lawn in St Pete and Carrollwood. Lawn looks gorgeous. I couldn’t be happier with his care and treatment of my yard. I truly recommend his service.

Jean Pelak

HOA Property serviced by collins lawn care and shrub care
lawn and sidewalk of a condo complex services by collins lawn and shrub care
hoa property in a condo complex cared by collins lawn care and shrub care services
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landscape serviced by collins lawn care and shrub care
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property being serviced by collins lawn and shrub care

 Services Designed for Beautiful Landscape Results

We provide high-quality professional care for: lawns, trees, palms, shrubs, decorative plants, flower beds, and more. We have over 30 years of hands-on experience with Florida horticulture and have been in business for over 20 years. Our top priority is keeping our customers 100% satisfied with consistently excellent service and stunning landscape results.

Our Landscape Care Services have No Contracts and may be terminated anytime for any reason. We keep our customers by consistently delivering excellent results. We have loyal customers who have been with us for as long as we have been in business, over 20 years. We want you to be our customer. Collins will bend over back-forwards to keep you as a happy customer for life by continuously earning your trust.

We Offer a Complete Landscape Care Service that Works

As the little guy in this industry, Collins doesn’t offer standard cookie-cutter services. We only provide customized landscape care services. Our Landscape Care Services include quality brand products from granular & liquid fertilization to the latest products for controlling weeds, insects, fungi, and grubs, as well as other advanced products for tree & palm injections, tree stakes, and drenches. We also offer other landscape care services such as thatch reduction, soil de-compaction, core aeration, and soil testing.

Our Landscape Services are customized to your specific needs and budget. We tailor a service solution to yield the best results possible for you. Hence, our pricing and application ingredients will vary and depend on only your requirements with nothing extra and no hidden fees.

Our Landscape Care Services are billed after each service visit to your property with our invoice that records details about the service and status of your landscape. You may pay the invoice by check within the required  14 days or pay online with a credit or debit card by clicking Pay Now on the menu.

We offer three types of landscape care services without service contracts:

  • Annual Multi-Service Bundle: This offering combines two or more services paid up-front for the entire year with a discount. Customers may customize the bundle to their property needs with selected services. The customer must use the bundle for the entire year to obtain the discount.
  • Scheduled Services: This offering is delivered 4, 6, 8, or 12 times a year as a pay-as-you-go service. Our service guarantee is only for services delivered 8 or more times a year, allowing for return visits at no charge to resolve a problem after our treatment.
  • One-Time Services: This offering is a single service(s) provided once. This service is not guaranteed for return visits if you are not already paying for our Scheduled Service.

The pricing for Landscape Care Services depends on the property’s size, zip code, deployment frequency, and application of any other complementary services included, such as Aeration.

Free Quote: Our Free Quote includes a visit to your property with a free consultation. As part of our Free Quote process, we will discuss your vision, inspect your landscape and perform an expert analysis. After our evaluation,  you will receive our professional proposal for the number of treatments with our custom blend of products to meet your requirements. Our Free Quote contains no extra unnecessary treatments, products, or services and no hidden charges. Just our honest service for a reasonable price – Guaranteed!

Best Looking Landscape – the Result of our Secret Weapon

Our Secret Weapon is our “Best Practices”. Collins has developed these practices over 20 years to get proven results. Our “Best Practices” includes the use of best-quality products that were pre-tested by us. This is why we consistently provide outstanding landscape results and surpass our competition. Our “Best Practices” are integral to our Landscape Care Services.

Over the years, we have developed our “Best Practices” that are considered our competitive secret advantage that, includes:

  • Listening to our customers and getting their feedback
  • Property inspections, attention to detail, and monitoring
  • Relying on our customers to promptly alert us to changes
  • Executing consistent regular scheduled treatments on time
  • Find the root cause of problems
  • Initiating corrective actions as soon as possible
  • Accumulated knowledge and techniques and efficient methods to manage and solve problems
  • Streamline procedures to get quick results.
  • Formulating product mixes for seasonal treatments and targeting specific problems
  • Landscape Maintenance Best Management Practices are integrated into our services
  • Deliver applications using the best methods and the latest effective quality products on the market

Our “Best Practices” has yielded proven results for over 20 years. We continually enhance our “Best Practices” to keep up with the latest horticulture advances and newer, more effective products.

Scheduled and Proactive Actions Make Landscape Care Easy

Our services are planned in detail for seasonal applications or to remedy particular landscape problems. In both cases, the treatment is applied to create growth and maintain the most healthy landscape.

We use personally per-tested best-in-category name-brand products for our applications that have been shown to provide excellent landscape results in healthy, lush green grass and strong and hearty trees and shrubs. We follow the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations to ensure the most effective use and safety.

Our high-quality services take planning, changing to better methods, equipment, products, and hard work to develop through the years. We apply scheduled treatments of custom seasonal mixes tailored for the right time of the year and for either 4, 6, 8, or 12 treatments per year.

We monitor the customers’ properties to determine corrective action. Collins is disciplined in inspecting and assessing the property during every visit, and also we ask our customers to call us if they see a problem or use our Report a Problem online form. We will evaluate your landscape conditions, determine the root cause, and deliver proactive corrective actions necessary to solve the problem. Hence, our wonderful results are due to our dedicated efforts of hard work and are not empty promises.

landscape being serviced by collins lawn care and shrub care company
Collins Landscape Services will keep your landscape alive, healthy, and looking great. The outcome is a better property value and curb-appeal to be envied.

I began using Collins lawn care a few months ago and couldn’t be more pleased. The owner, Wes, will respond to my concerns promptly and is really working to bring back my lawn that has been plagued with problems from the past. Fantastic lawn care specialist!! And reasonably priced too ??

Christine B

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Our scheduled treatments use our own customized seasonal mix that’s very effective in Tampa Bay!