Other Landscape Care Services

Ancillary Landscape Services that Complements our Lawn and Shrub & Tree Care

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Other Landscape Care Services

Collins has taken care of my lawn in St Pete and Carrollwood. Lawn looks gorgeous. I couldn’t be happier with his care and treatment of my yard. I truly recommend his service.

Jean P

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Collins primarily performs two kinds of Landscape Care Services for over 20 years: Lawn Care and Shrub & Tree Care. Today, we still don’t offer termite control, mosquito control or in-home or perimeter pest control. Collins sticks to its primary mission of Lawn and Shrub & Tree Care.

We do an an excellent job at landscape care. We are constantly growing and honing our knowledge as experts in Florida Landscape Care. Our Landscape Care may require at times to apply other complementary service to enhance our Lawn and Shrub & Tree Care. Our Other Landscape Care Services are one-time purchases for a specific purpose or to solve a problem and usually associated with Lawn Care or Shrub & Tree Care.

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Our Other Landscape Care Services

  • Soil Testing: The best way to benchmark soil conditions to determine the need for and recommended amounts of soil amendments.
  • Aeration Service: Aeration can benefit Florida lawns and allow the delivery of water and nutrients to the root level.
  • Lime Application: If the lawn suffers from low PH, lime can be applied in conjunction with aeration can help resolve these issues by balancing the PH to normal.
  • Gypsum Application: Allows for the breaking up of high salt levels caused by the ongoing use of well or reclaimed irrigation water.
  • Sedge Treatments: Weed Control, specifically of nutsedge, can be challenging and appears in the lawn and plant beds.
  • Systemic Insect and Disease Drenches Treatment: This application targets root fungus and treats hard-to-control insect issues like hard scales.
  • Systemic Fungicide for Turf: A must for lawns sodded in the summer. Also an excellent application in the rainy season
  • Chinch Bugs, Grub, & Sod Webworm Treatment: We used the proper pesticide to target the particular insect infestation or the insect causing the damage.
  • Fire Ant Control: A once-a-year treatment for the control of fire ants. Fire Ants can pose a threat to people and animals.
  • Tick Control: A once-a-year treatment for the control of fire ants. Ticks carry disease and can pose a serious health threat to people.
  • Palm Injections: This is the newest treatment for improved palm care. It’s a 3 step process of drilling into the tree, plugging, and injecting a formulated solution. For palms, only one injection site is needed for nutrients and pest and disease control.
  • Tree & Palm Spikes: One application annually for trees or palms to maintain healthy green trees or palms.

I began using Collins lawn care a few months ago and couldn’t be more pleased. The owner, Wes, will respond to my concerns promptly and is really working to bring back my lawn that has been plagued with problems from the past. Fantastic lawn care specialist!! And reasonably priced too ??

Christine B

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We provide other Landscape Services to complement our regular Land and Shrub & Tree Care.