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Lawn Care Services

When I called the office someone got back to me right away. I had a problem with my my lawn . They were very knowledgeable about my lawn and landscaping . They gave me positive information . I totally recommend this service.

Chris Schroth

Owner , All American Landscape Design Group

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Collins Lawn Service goes way beyond Lawn Spraying Services

check markOur Complete Lawn Care Service creates Lush, Green, and Healthy Lawns

check mark30 years of Know-how

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You take pride in your home and property. Your yard extends the beauty of your home, enriches the community, and provides curb appeal. Many homeowners feel an unkempt yard reflects poorly on them and may feel personally responsible when the lawn looks terrible.

Many communities and neighborhoods have deed restrictions by the Home Owner Association, HOA. The yard’s appearance can mean the difference between praise or a violation letter, or, even worst, an HOA fine.

The easiest way to fix lawn problems is to call an experienced and trusted professional like Collins to ensure your yard looks great with minimal effort on your part.

How do you get the best looking lawn in the neighborhood?

Enjoying a beautiful Florida lawn takes work and if you do-it-yourself it takes your free time. Take the easy way and call us to do almost all the work to get the best possible lawn results. Collins is an experienced professional with proven Best Practices developed over 20 years for top-quality lawn care that works in the Tampa Bay area.

Our Best Practices are integrated with the Landscape Maintenance Best Management Practices, BMP, to grow healthy grass. and reduce the effects on the environment. The BMP we use are well-known techniques developed by the University of Florida and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

Hence, our Lawn Care Service pursues the best balance between the environment and your lawn’s health and coupled with Collins expertise we providing the correct nourishment, the proper amount of weed, disease, and insect control at the right time to get the best lawn results.

30 years of know-how and our own developed Best Practices makes the difference of getting the best results. We feel that’s the reason why Collins provides the “Best Lawn Care in Tampa Bay”.

Please talk to us about how we can get the results you want. Call us (727) 394-8668 to setup a free onsite visit to assess your landscape. We will gladly offer free professional advice and .

Details of Our Best Practices that Yield Proven Results
  • Scheduled Treatments (4, 6, or 8 per year) with a custom mix to address the current lawn condition
  • Fertilization applied correctly according to manufacturers’ specifications & BMP recommendations
  • Fertilizer mix is our custom blend of nitrogen, phosphorous,  potassium, and other ingredients formulated based on our analysis of your lawn and University of Florida guidelines
  • Treatments are applied at the right time to optimize grass growth and to resist disease, pests, and weeds for the Tampa Bay area
  • Our application techniques responsibly and effectively apply our customize treatments
  • Our recommendations for mowing the grass based on grass species and conditions
  • Irrigation System recommendations for proper watering, reduced frequency, and required coverage
  • Sprinkler operation according to township water restrictions and within 48 hours after treatment
  • Collins assesses and analyzes your lawn during every service visit and will talk with the customer, if available
  • Collins provides recommendations is help improve the lawn to customers
  • Collins expects the customer feedback and to alert us if lawn conditions change
  • We provide an invoice after every service visit with lawn status, recommendations, and the bill
collins lawn care using fertilizers, weed control and protection from pest and diseases

Our Scheduled Treatments are formulated to create Beautiful Lawns.

We do more than just lawn fertilization in the Tampa Bay area. Our treatments are formulated to deliver the right amount of our tested landscape products for fungicide and insect control, weed control, and fertilization at the right time of year to get the best results. Our Best Practices takes the guesswork out of lawn care. Collins is dedicated and committed to provide a precise and proven deployment plan to effective deliver our custom treatments to solve problems and keep your lawn green lush and healthy.  Our treatments are a custom blend of high quality products formulated and pretested for each particular customer environment. Our lawn Care Service is a planned targeted maintenance of turf grass using our scheduled treatments of either 4, 6, 8, or 12 applications annually. We will work with you and your budget to develop a solution for the best results possible.

Collins Premium Lawn Care service is the top-of-the-line of superior lawn care that is fully guaranteed to succeed. Our Premium Lawn Care service is a monthly service. We provide 12 treatments a year. You may add customized Shrub and Tree Care Services for a nominal fee included in the monthly fee. There is no better lawn care service in Tampa Bay than our Premium Lawn Care service, which is 100% Guaranteed.

You pay either as you go after each visit or annually with a discount. This lawn care service is our most comprehensive service offering. This offering provides the most lawn care value and will ensure the best lawn results with maximized monitoring onsite. Call us today to find out more about Collins Premium Lawn Care.


1005 satisfaction guaranteedCollins is an expert in Florida lawns and has over 30 years of expertise in the lawn care industry. We aim to consistently keep your lawn beautiful, healthy, lush, and free from insects and weeds. Our Lawn Care includes the following:

  • Fertilization
    • Granular Fertilizer (slow release fertilizer)
    • Liquid Fertilizer (lawn spraying services)
  • Weed Control
  • Insect Control
  • Fungus Control
  • Grub Control

Regardless of the time of year, we strive to keep your lawn looking its best. Collins guarantees services that are delivered 8 or more times a year!

Please call us for a free analysis and estimate to maintain your lawn. There is no sales pressure, just our friendly, professional service with our free quote and landscape assessment.

I just had my front yard sodded (5000 sq ft) and wanted to employ a lawn spraying service To protect my investment. Collins definitely was the right choice. From the estimate to my current spraying service they have been responsive, knowledgeable, and professional to all my inquires. For example, my lawn developed brown spot and Collins quickly responded, correctly identified the issue, and treated the lawn and you would never know I had a problem. I got an extra bonus I was not expecting. They have also been treating my existing back yard and this has improved It dramatically. I get compliments from all my neighbors on hi ow beautiful my yard looks. I would highly recommend Collins for your lawn service needs.

William O.

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When you have a Landscape Problem, we find the root cause and then provide a solution that works.